Twin shafts compulsory mixers

MB SERIES COMPULSORY MIXERS, with twin counter-rotating synchronized shaft.
The counter-rotating mixing arms and paddles effect an intense turbolence on the overlapping zone: there cement is disintegrated and finely distribuited on the aggregates. In addition to this vertical rotation the arms and paddles slope generates an horizontal ring motion with perfect homogenization of all components, in the SHORTEST TIME.
The twin shaft mixer is the best to make any kind of concrete: heavy and normal weight concrete (ready mixer, prefabrication, industrial and civil buildings etc.) or light weight concrete (polystirol or expanded clay concrete, expanded concrete). It prevents any segregation which takes place on a vertical mixer for the centrifugal effect due to the different volumes of aggregates and for the floating of the light weight aggregates. It can homogeneously mix fine or big, round or crushed materials.

THE DISCHARGE DOOR can be opened either on the right or left side in respect to the closed position: it is therefore possible to convey concrete to two different points without distributor belt conveyor or deviating device. The door is fully open on the machine length:
QUICK DISCHARGE without stratification for rolling of round materials.
ANTIWEAR mixing paddles in hardened steel, with high hardness and wear resistance.
EASY INTERCHANGEABLE LINING in antiwear steel and optional in hardened steel tiles.

SKIP BUCKET bottom emptying. Single layer drum and large diameter of drum and idle pulley: LONG LIFE for the rope! High upward and downward lifting speed in order to have the mixing supply ready when the machine discharges the previous mixing.
Water spray device. Cover with double inspection flaps and double port-hole with protective wire net; on the skip version a cover closes automatically the loading hole. Covers and protections in accordance with the accident prevention regulations.


  • Welded arms on the shafts.
  • Automatic grease lubrication plant.
  • Automating cleaning plant.
  • Waiting hopper for aggregates, over the mixer.
  • Waiting hopper for concrete.
  • Steel supporting frame, balcony, stairs.
  • Tunnel to feed truck mixers.
  • Hand pump for the emergency opening of the discharge door (in the event of power failure).
  • Shaft cleaning rings.
  • Skip descent double speed.
technical data twin shafts compulsory mixers
layout twin shafts compulsory mixers


dimensions twin shafts compulsory mixers