Mixing capacity from lt. 350 to lt. 30000

planetary mixers


  • Loading skip hoist
  • Conveyor belts
  • Waiting hoppers
  • Dosers for:
    cement, water, additives, fibres, colour mix
  • Probes for humidity control
  • Automatic washing plant


Mixing vat with big diameter and then low level of mixture for a perfect final homogeneity.
Discharging door with big radius and, in some sizes, additional discharging blade permit both a more fast discharge respect the other mixers available in the market.
The high simplicity of planetary multiplier gear box and the employ of a commercial epicyclically primary gear box permit very simple maintenance operations and highest operational reliability.
The mixer is available with all optional and accessories that modern Precast and Ready Mix technology need.
Mixer dimensions within road transportability with any configuration.

technical data planetary mixers
layout planetary mixers


dimensions planetary mixers