Our company has been operating for over thirty years offering concrete production plants destined both to the sale and to the production of hand made and prefabricated goods.

We operate both in Italy and abroad, and are enrolled in the regular exporters list.

We cooperate with the leading companies of the industry. Therefore, we are able to offer, in addition to standard solutions, special solutions tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

We offer both machines and / or complete plants and single components for the replacement of worn parts and / or damaged and / or to the improvement of production in terms of quality and quantity.

In particular with the aim to to give to the user the possibility of producing meeting today's standards of efficiency and control we propose to use advanced technologies through:

it is possible to install new technology on existing systems. We can implement new functions for production to improve the productivity of the plant.

we have the experience and equipment to operate on obsolete PLC such as Omron C20 and K series, Siemens S5, Modicon Telemecanique TSX37 TSX07 Micro and Nano with spare parts now unavailable on the market.
We can upload the software needed for backup and replacement with current PLC minimizing the plant downtime due to the intervention.

with the new systems it is possible to have the remote support service that guarantees immediate intervention time and minimized plant downtime.

with the aim to contain the erection costs, we propose solutions that meet the specific needs of the customer, starting from the sending of single technician as a supervisor to the erection until the proposal of the “turn key” plant.

For any inquiries please send us, without any commitment,an e-mail to the address you will find in the "SECOND HAND" page.